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There was another brilliant day of football at the World Cup Brazil vs Belgium Live Free with the quarter-final coming up between Brazil and Belgium. Brazil, beating Mexico to nil and Belgium doing their job in the end in the final second against Japan. Brazil vs Belgium Stream So no surprises in terms of the final outcome with Belgium and Brazil. Clear favorites, but of course surprises in how the games developed especially to Belgium against Japan game.

Brazil vs Belgium Live

Brazil vs Belgium Live Streaming Free

But before we talk about that, I’m joined by Fernando to talk about what happened between Mexico and Brazil. Hello cricket soccer fans. I think we have a lot to talk tonight. First, we’re gon na start with Brazil, Mexico, as I predicted it, may be a bit of a strong word. But as I expected.

Brazil played a very professional game. Controlled the pace waited for Mexico to tie. Maxwell had a great start running all guns blazing against Brazil presume. Very solid Brazil vs Belgium avoided absorbed those those attacks absorb the pressure. Especially from the fans. I mean Mexican fans a great spectacle. A stadium, and I created chances when the chance came. Basically took them and the shame to see Mexico go after what they did to German in the first round.

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Well, the best team wanted a solid performance by Brazil. Maimie pretty much instead of diving. Complaining and fundamental participation score all other goals set up Brazil vs Belgium second one for free mean. Better feeling from you know. I would be very surprised if he didn’t get more time in this World Cup.

He was very effective, although I wouldn’t like to bash Gabriel Zeus. Because he did a very useful match for Brazil vs Belgium. He played he hustled. He tried to create space frontward. Very good match from from the Brazil defense as well. Thiago Silva immense again today. Once again ready to Play Brazil vs Belgium Online. The captain’s armband should be a very entertaining quarter-final.

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So definitely a great win for Brazil to nail against Mexico a bit more trouble for Belgium who, in the end, managed to beat Japan I’m joined by Jason Jason. What do you make of the game? Well, Fieri. Today we saw both the best and the worst of Belgium as they became the first site since 1970 to come from two goals down to win a knockout game at a World Cup in the first half they were extremely wasteful, especially Romelu Lukaku in front of goal.

Brazil vs Belgium Predictions

They couldn’t convert their dominance into goals, and then we saw Japan turn the match on its head, taking a two-goal lead and what changed it for Belgium was their second half substitutes, double change from Roberto Martinez, as we saw NASA chadley, Amaro and Fellaini injected into the Game and Belgium were a lot more direct after that, and they came back into it. We thought the match was heading for extra time until that incredible goal on the counter-attack, that’s the very best of Belgium.

The speed on the counter-attack. We saw a lovely distribution from Courtois and then it was de Brona who made that burst and at the other end it was NASA Chudley, the substitute who scored that winning goal in the 94th minute to give Belgium a 3-2 win over unlucky, Japan who absolutely magnificent. I felt sorry for them, but Roberto Martinez after the match spoke about the fighting spirit and the character that Belgium showed, but secretly he’ll be very, very relieved that the Red Devils weren’t upset by an incredibly tough and courageous Japanese side.

So now Belgium, through to that quarter-final against Brazil, thanks Jason, so Belgium did their job in yet against Japan and will face a Brazil in the quarter-final in what is a mouth-watering game? Can’T wait for that. wanted Brazil and Belgian during my writing of the text.

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This tournament, I think the winner of this quarterfinal will be the winners of the 2018 FIFA World Cup. My prediction is that Belgium will beat Brazil in the quarter-final to get through to the semi-final and then maybe get into the final of this 2018 FIFA World Cup, which has been absolutely fantastic, so much drama, and I think the 45 minutes that we saw in the Second, half, as we thought the match was going to go to extra time between Belgium and Japan was the most dramatic and exciting 45 minutes we’ve had at russia. 2018, thanks Jason thanks Fernando Jason and Fernando there with their predictions on what will happen between Brazil and Belgium and what will be a fantastic game of football.

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In two consecutive World Cup matches separated by 40 years. They came fourth in the group in 1950, they came. Fourth in the group in 1990 – surprisingly, four years later, they were hosting the World Cup. It will come across these and several other interesting anecdotes in the forthcoming cricket soccer publication, sudden death, the illustrated history of work of football as a mystery thriller. The first part of this five volume edition is set to hit the stands in a couple of days, so stay tuned on our website.